Leading technology & innovation advantages

Independent intellectual property–Surface Modification of Track-etched Membrane.

Initiator of high-precision filtering & light-resistant infusion sets in China, and firstly registered in China.

Participated in the drafting and revising of two industry standards, “Disposable Infusion Set with Precision Filter”and “Disposable Precision Filter for Anesthesia”; one state standard “Disposable Light-resistant Infusion Set”.

In possession of 5 invention patents and 21 utility model patents.

Obtained 16 registration certificates of medical devices, six of them are first registered in domestic market.

Advantages of Track-etched membrane in medical application

Unique filtration medium with regular geometrical shape, can be labeled by absolute pore size.

Good chemical and biological stability, pore shape will not change in long-term usage to ensure filtration precision.

Low adsorption of small molecules, no influence on drug ingredient.

Free of foreign matter or fiber shedding, no secondary contamination on drugs.


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