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Wuhan W.E.O Science & Technology attended the CMEF Autumn 2015

TIME:2016-12-29 13:02:20

Wuhan W.E.O Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd attended the CMEF Autumn 2015, which was held in Wuhan International Expo Center from Oct.18-21, 2015. This is one of the largest healthcare gathering of medical institutions, medical devices manufacturers, medical devices distributors and relative service companies worldwide.

During the event, Wuhan W.E.O exhibited and promoted its high-precision medical filters and functional infusion apparatus, Disposable Infusion Set with Precision filter(DEHP Free), Disposable Light Resistant Infusion Set,Disposable Infusion Set for Nutrition Solution,Disposable Enteral Feeding Extension Set,Disposable Precision Infusion Filter,Disposable Extension Tube for Infusion,Disposable Bacteria-Proof Nasal Cannula,Disposable Bacteria-Proof Nebulizer Tubing,which showed great R&D strength and innovation advantage. Wuhan W.E.O’s product and technology has attracted a lot of customers’ attention. By deeply communicating with the global and domestic customers, Wuhan W.E.O obtained a lot of latest medical market information and business opportunities. Wuhan W.E.O will continue to be dedicated to providing first-class medical supplies for human health. 






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