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General Situation of Chinese Medical Devices Industry Development

TIME:2016-12-23 16:54:39

(Source: CAMDI)

1. Market Scale of Medical Devices

It grows from CNY 17.9 billion of 2001 to CNY 308 billion of 2015, with an annual average growth rate of around 20%. 


2. Production Value of Medical Devices Industry

In recent five years, the annual average growth rate was around 15%, higher than that of the national economy over the same period.


3. 2015 China Medical Devices Industry Output Value

Above-scale Sample Enterprises According to the Statistics by the MIIT:Industry output value calculated by CAMDI: over CNY 500 billion.


4. Import and Export

In 2015, the total trade of medical devices in China amounted to $38.5 billion dollars (7.5%):

ØThe total imports amounted to $17.3 billion dollars with a year-on-year growth rate of 9.8%

ØThe total exports amounted to $21.2 billion dollars with a year-on-year growth rate of 5.7%

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5. Numbers of China Medical Devices Manufactures (Statistics by November, 2015)

Ø14,151 manufacturers, including 5,080 Class I enterprises, 9,517 Class II enterprises and 2,614 Class III enterprises

Ø186,269 medical device business enterprises with operating license (Class II and Class III)      


6. Main Industrial Policies

All departments will be the focus of the medical device industry as a support:

6.1  Policy support and development expansion

ØMade in China 2025

Ø8 measures for Push Health China Construction

Ø13th Five Year Plan for national science and technology innovation

6.2 Regulation supervision and normative development

ØStandard for quality management of medical device production

ØFlight Inspection Procedures for Manufacturing Enterprise of Medical Device

ØRegulation on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Device

6.3 Special investment and industry development

ØSeveral Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Development of the Health Services Industry

ØSpecial Policy for Industry Revitalization and Technical Transformation

ØFrom Ten To Millions Project

7. Tendency of Chinese Medical Devices Industry Development

ØDemand promotes sunrise industry growth

ØIncreasingly intensify policy support

ØQuicken localization process for high-end equipment

ØGradually improve supervision and administration of medical devices

ØContinually enhance industry concentration


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